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Sorokasoft has executed several custom built hardware, software, system engineering solutions to various clientele. Since its inception in the year 1998, Sorokasoft's team has been involved in R&D, Innovation, Design and Development for various key systems, deployed by our customers for mission critical applications.

Our Solutions include systems for Indian Space Research Organization, Defence R&D Organization, Public Sector Organizations, Private Sector Organizations, etc.

Most of the solutions offered by us are custom built to the requirement. We take utmost care with respect to Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure of the assignments handled for our clients / customers / end-users. Our Solutions are used by Military, R&D, Industries ..etc. We are proud to be part of the success of our customers. 

A Short Indicative List of Projects include the following:

  • Electronic Warfare System - Hardware / Software
  • Embedded Software for Dual x186 based System Computer for an EW-ELINT System for Naval Platform
  • Embedded Software for EW-ELINT
  • EW-GIS Software
  • EW-COMINT System Control Software
  • COMINT Digital Audio Recorder
  • Network Time Location Server (NTLS)
  • Multichannel Digital Audio Recorder (TUX)
  • COMINT - Monitoring Interface & Display System
  • Communication Support Measures (CSM) System Software for Air borne EW Platform
  • Embedded Hardware
  • TTL Multiplexer
  • Controller Board for Medical Electronics System
  • Baud Rate Converter Unit
  • Intrusion Detection System for Nuclear Power Plant
  • Radiometric Thickness Gauge
  • Antenna Stabilization System
  • Motor Control Unit for Antenna Test Facility
  • Thermal Battery Test System (TBTS)
  • Automatic Test Systems / Equipment / Software
  • Transmit - Receive Module Test Software for ATE
  • Microwave Components Qualification Test Facility 
  • Antenna Measurement Systems - Digital Pattern Recorder
  • Turbine Test Facility Software with Agilent Instrumentation
  • Electric Machines / Generators / Exciters Test BedSoftware for Agilent & Custom Built Instrumentation
  • Pumps Test System with Agilent Hardware
  • Microwave Surveillance System for Wireless Monitoring Organization (Spectrum Usage Monitor)
  • Creep Measurement System (Strain, Temperature Monitoring)
  • CDMA Forward Link Clearance Test
  • Fiber Optic Link Analyzer (FOLA)
  • Frequency Response Analyzer (FRA) for Power Transformers
  • Semiconductor Test System
  • Radio Spectrum Monitoring and Surveillance System (Hawk)
  • Wireless Networking for Mission Critical Applications on Naval Platforms
  • RF Link Setup for Mission Critical Application
  • Stabilization System
  • Industrial Process Automation
  • Coil Tracking & Slab Yard Management System for Steel Industry
  • Zinc Ingot Packaging Line Automation Software
  • Coil Packaging Line Automation System
  • Aluminum Profiles Packaging Line Automation System Software